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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FBI Targets Sovereign Citizens

By Damion Boycott

In 1913 Noble Drew Ali founded The Moorish Science Temple in New Jersey, inspired by a vision of starting a sovereign black nation. He later relocated to Chicago, were he experienced more success in spreading his teachings. He taught his followers that those that are considered black, were not of African origin, but instead are indigenous to America, and thus have the right to claim sovereign status. His teachings opened the door for many so-called black people to claim their sovereignty and assume their "proper person". In recent years we have witnessed many Black Americans take advantage of the opportunity to claim immunity to U.S. laws and taxes by way of sovereignty.

Before Noble Drew Ali, the Native American fight for sovereignty began with European colonialism. During the illegal settlement of Europeans, power over indigenous people was enforced by the invaders of the "new world". These European aggressors justified their takeover based on a religious doctrine promoted by the Pope, who claimed to have the power to occupy portions of the Earth for the purpose of Christian civilization. As a result of European colonialism the indigenous nations were forced off of their land, and made to live on reservations. In some cases their very existence was not was not acknowledged and their land was treated as vacant. Any legal authority was strictly in the hands of white men. The descendants of these native nations now live as sovereign communities on reservations scattered through out the country.

There are even some White Americans that claim the constitution protects their right to take on sovereign status.They relinquish their social security cards and discard their drivers licenses in the name of being sovereign and independent of American society. They reject their U.S. citizenship and claim to operate outside of These citizens that make an effort to claim their sovereign status also say they too are exempt from paying taxes.

Since 2009 the FBI has become deeply committed to paying close attention to sovereign citizens. They allegedly fear that sovereign citizens are inclined to engage in violence. Most inhabitants of America that are claiming sovereign status have never seen involved in any acts of violence. Some say the FBI is tying to put a focus on sovereign citizens because some extremist militia groups claim to be sovereign, and have a history of being exceptionally violent. Others say The Federal Government wants to put an end to the entire concept of sovereign status in America. Critics of The Federal Government say that America has lost it's economic swagger and is desperate to extort tax dollars from those sovereign groups that don't pay taxes. Th FBIs' attempt to target sovereign groups could result in an end to sovereignty in America, which would force sovereign citizens to comply with U.S. law.


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