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Saturday, May 4, 2013

De La Soul "Get Away"

By Ralo

25 years after "Plug Tunin" De La Soul is still moving forward. Originally De La was respected for their originality and their ability to be different and dope. That originality opened the gate for plenty of acts that followed. Digable Planets, The Pharsyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village and even The Black Eye Peas had an audience because De La Soul paved the way.

As teenagers De La Soul achieved the dream they had set for themselves by releasing their first album in 1989 on Tommy Boy Records. Since then De La Soul has released eight full length albums.

De La Soul is back with "Get Away", their fist single since 2004. The Long Island trio has borrowed  samples from the intro of the second cd in Wu-Tang Clans' "Forever" double album. "Get Away" is the lead single from De Las' forthcoming album, "You're Welcome", due to hit the streets this fall. "Get Away" provides a welcomed diversion from the disaster that is commercial rap.


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