Police are supposed to protect and serve correct? So how come there are so many stories about them abusing their power? I think most of them were losers growing up, and were bullied so now they take it out on anyone they can, and of course that's not even including the racist ones, as told in a story i read this morning about the black couple being profiled and handcuffed in South Carolina. Here are cases about our Long island's finest abusing their power. Its nothing new with these pigs.

      March 2009 The Jo’Anna Bird murder and subsequent $7.7
million County settlement due to 10 police officers having failed to do their
An investigation found they departed from department protocol by not documenting at least four domestic violence visits to the home of Jo'Anna Bird's mother.The calls were made just days before Bird was murdered. Her former boyfriend is accused of the crime. 

2010 The police forensic crime lab is the only lab in the
nation to be put on probation and is later closed.

January 2010 Sgt. Kaul while drunk and on duty is involved
with a hit and run.

June 2010 Officer Hefferon was arrested for pointing his
loaded revolver at the head of a bartender in Farmingdale a month earlier.
      November 2010 Officer Mannerz from the 3rd pleads
guilty to having pulled over a young woman and having taken her into his patrol
car and forced her to touch him sexually.

July 31, 2012
Off duty Officers Anthony DiLeonardo And Edward Bienz after a night of
drinking are involved in conduct unbecoming an officer and were unfit for
duty by reason of intoxicants when they have an altercation with an
unarmed motorist and end up shooting him. 

January 2012 A Judge rebuked police for having arrested
Seemona Sumasar on charges that she pretended to be a cop in order to commit
robberies. She was jailed for six months during which her business was ruined
and her children taken from her before she was finally exonerated and released.
A jury convicted Jerry Ramrattan of having had framed her in order to undermine
her credibility in her rape accusation case against him.

March 2012 Three former police commanders were indicted on
conspiracy charges in an alleged plot to derail a burglary investigation
involving a teenager whose father was a financial benefactor of police.

April 2012 Officer Tedesco is investigated for
allegedly visiting his mistress while he should have been on patrol as well as
possible involvement with another woman who reportedly drove to meet him and
other officers for trysts during their shifts.

May 2012 Officer Welsh is arrested for shoplifting $40 worth of baby food.

May 17, 2013, Officer Nikolas Budimlic responded to a home invasion burglary in Uniondale. Police say parolee Dalton Smith, 30, pointed a gun at Budimlic as Smith was holding Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello as a human shield , Budimlic fired eight shots, and Rebello was killed.
Nassau Internal Affairs is investigating