Jasiri X "Checkpoint"

By Ralo

Jasiri X is known for his hard hitting social commentary. The Pittsburgh resident has been using the power of rap music to convey his message for years. He has chimed in on subjects that include Trayvon Martin, Occupy Wall Street, The Tea Party and police stop and frisk in his lyrics. He does not hesitate be to the CNN of the hood that Chuck D spoke of years ago.

He is always accompanied by Paradise Gray, one of the founding members of The X Clan. Jasiri Xs' music always comes with a companion video, which is often filmed by Paradise himself.

Jasiri sometimes rhymes to original tracks, but also rhymes to instrumentals of known hits in an effort to grab the listeners attention- so that his message will be heard.

His latest effort "Checkpoint", is based on the oppression and discrimination he witnessed firsthand during his recent trip to Palestine and Israel. The ongoing war in The Middle East has been raging since1948 because of the apartheid style of society that has  been setup in Israel. Just like South Africa during the apartheid years, Palestinians have to show a passbook with photo I.D. to get past certain checkpoints. it is humiliating and disgraceful to say the least. It is much like the oppression of Blacks and Latinos as a result of the NYPDs' stop and frisk policy.

"Checkpoint" is produced by Agent of Change, and directed by Haute Muslim. Download "Checkpoint" at https://jasirix.bandcamp.com/track/ch....