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Monday, April 14, 2014

Akbar "Price Of Freedom"

 By Ralo

The urban lifestyle has always been a hive of activity in the world of hip-hop culture. First there is the visually arresting images of graffiti, then there is the hypnotic rotation of turntables. You can't forget the acrobatic display of b-boys or the oral expression of MCing.

The lyricist or the MC has long been the center of attention in the sub-culture of underground hip-hop. There are often many questions about who is the best lyricist or who can beat who in a battle. The topic of discussion also centers on who's new record is wack, and who's new record is heat, or which newcomers sound good and shows promise.  Lyrics, delivery and production all play key roles in judging the quality of underground hip-hop. Noncommercial rap has always had more poetic value than its corporate under produced counterpart.

This week we focus on conscious artist Akbar. His latest video "Price Of Freedom" is the second joint from his most recent album "Planet X". "Price Of Freedom" was directed by Akber himself and produced by DJ Parker Lee. The song offers much needed social commentary, and the video is a slide show of freedom fighters who fought the good fight in the struggle for black liberation.


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