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Friday, May 2, 2014

DJ EZ Rock Makes His Transition At 46

Hip-Hop pioneer, DJ and producer DJ EZ Rock died on Saturday due to complications caused by Type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1994 and took a hiatus from music as a result.

EZ Rock who's, government name is Rodney Bryce reached his height as a DJ when he paired with rapper Rob Base on  the 1988 mega hit "It Takes Two". The record sampled Lyn Collins' 1972 hit "Think About It". The spoken word intro used a sample from "Space Dust" by The  Galactic Force band which was released in 1978. It Takes Two is one of the most popular classics in the  history of recorded rap music.

Harlem native EZ Rock grew up with his long time partner Rob Base whom he met in the fourth grade. "I had moved from the Bronx at the time and I didn't really have any friends in the area. We sat next to each other and just started talking and went on from there. We played baseball together and became close friends very quickly. We were the comedians in the class; the class clowns that were loud and always joked around" said Rob Base of his late friend. Rob Base went on to say "With "It Takes Two," we were at a friend's house and we were just going through a bunch of records. We had to go to the studio that night and we didn't have anything prepared, but we found and liked the Lyn Collins sample that night and went to the studio. We didn't think that it would cross over and be as big as it became. We thought it would be what was called back then a "Tri-state area" song.

Rob Base continued, "The last time I spoke to him was right before he went into the hospital for the last time. He was telling me a lot of the things he was going through and I was telling him, "I want you to come back out on the road." I was going through a situation myself where my wife had just passed away, so me and him were talking a lot and he was helping me get through my problems. He was coming out to the shows again, but he was really sick. He was talking about getting himself together so he could come back out and DJ again. That was last month. He was in the hospital for nearly two months before he passed. He went in and that was that."

The Visual Caffeine staff was fortunate to have spent time with DJ EZ Rock. The footage in this short is from VISUAL CAFFEINE episode 5. In this episode EZ Rock and Lord Yoda X drop science on their trip to Iraq-where they rocked it for the troops.
We miss you my friend!

Rest in Power!!


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