VISUAL CAFFEINE-Episode47-Something For The Writers

Peace and bliss planet rockers!

The award winning Visual Caffeine is back! Off The Corner is proud present this monthly program that has become something of an instant classic. It presents the fascinating history of Hip-Hop culture, as well a peek inside the world of  present day underground Hip-Hop.
We decided this month to pay homage to the Hip Hop element of Writing (wrongly known by the name Graffiti) with some music to tear up your black books up to.
To all the scribes of Hip Hop Hieroglyphics we honor and respect you!! Dedicated to: IZ THE WIZ- KASE 2- DONDI- STAY HIGH 149 and all our fallen comrades in this movement.

1. Q-Tip-"Let's Ride"
2. Black Star-"Definition"
3. Nas- "Made You Look"
4. Company Flow- "End to End BURNERS"
5. Lootpack- "Whenimondamic"
6.Shabaam Sahdeeq- "Freaky Flow"
7. Gza- "Shadowboxin"
8. Meyhem Lauren- "Got the Fever"
9. Artifacts-"C'mon Wit Da Git Down"
10. Pack FM- "Click Clack & Spray"

Special shout out to: OUSTEM ONE UZN Holland- FRIXAN UZN Ukraine and Guerrilla Republik!

  VISUAL CAFFEINE-episode47-Something for the Writers from SEN ONE6 UZN on Vimeo.