By Damian Boycott

Much has been said recently about Bill Cosbys' past. The dominant narrative says Mr. Cosby has been involved in some improprieties that include sex and drugs. There have been an inordinate amount of accusations coming from women who claim to have been drugged and taken advantage of by Mr. Cosby.
The high tech lynching of Mr. Cosby has been ongoing for more than a year. The media conveys a story that insinuates his guilt. Most of his accusers have been white women. It seems when white women accuse a black man of anything, there is an automatic assumption of guilt.

There are some that say Mr. Cosbys' image is being ruined because he angered some very powerful individuals. Word on the street says that Mr. Cosby refuses to play ball with these unnamed individuals, and they have decided to bring him down. There are other views that say that Mr. Cosby was trying to buy a television station that would portray African Americans in a positive light, and they are destroying his image in an effort to stop him from owing this television entity.

Either way, a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty- not guilty until proven innocent. The constant negative press Mr. Cosby is receiving should raise questions about the way black males are portrayed in the mainstream media. Perhaps it would benefit us to have a television station owned by someone who has the interest of African Americans at heart.

In 1968 Bill Cosby hosted a CBS television program called Black History- Lost, Stolen Or Strayed. This documentary explores some of the problems in the public school system and how it affects African American children in an adverse way. This negative impact reflects on the behaviour, attitudes and the future of African American children. This documentary is very conclusive and supports all theories with proof.

Listen to Mr. Cosby speak about what is commonly known as miseducation. It is interesting and refreshing to see Mr. Cosby speak to the core of what is wrong with Americas' educational system.