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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Frances Cress- Welsings' Appearance On Tony Browns' Journal

Noted African centered psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress- Welsing is perhaps best known for her monumental book entitled The Isis Papers: Keys To The Colors. For the duration of her life she committed herself to combating racism and white supremacy. She has done countless lectures, radio interviews and television appearances.

One of her most noteworthy television appearances was a 1974 filming of Tony Browns' Journal. In this edition of Tony Browns' Journal she is debating the racist views of William Shockley another psychiatrist and obvious white supremacist. He promoted the idea that African people were genetically predisposed to intellectual inferiority based on genetics. He also advocated that black people be voluntarily sterilized. Needless to say, Dr Welsing ran circles around him. Subsequent to the filming of this television program Dr. Shockley was not seen again publicly, and was said to have been put into retirement by Dr. Welsing.

In our ongoing tribute to Dr. Welsing, who has recently made her transition and joined the ancestors, we are posting this video to show her brilliance.



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