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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Angriest Blog EVER!!!

By John Coston

OK!! As we all know, I try to be Mr. Positivity when it comes to writing these blogs.  I  provide life lessons and knowledge wrapped up in a big ball of silliness and tom foolery!  But I was asked to write a blog regarding the type of things that make me upset.  What ticks me off!! What makes me go from Bruce Banner to the Hulk in 3 seconds flat (besides my sister asking me to take out the garbage for her when I'm 45 minutes away :))!!  Well, I will give you a few ideas as to what pisses me off!! Prepare for the angriest blog EVER!! Not really, it just sounds tough!! Nah it doesn't!!

    The first pet peeve that comes right off the top of my head is complaining.  It ticks me off when I hear people upset about situations that 1.) has nothing to do with me and 2.) can be changed with a little bit of effort.  Now those who know me know that I will take the time out to help a friend in need and offer whatever kind of advice I can.  But don't talk my ear off for 25 minutes about how someone is trying to "hate" on you at your job bagging groceries.  I can fit 12 items in one bag and Sheniqua said "Good job!!" That b*tch is trying to bring me down!! HATIN ON ME!! Sheesh!!  Simple advice for complainers: FIX THE PROBLEM (Caps Lock for Emphasis, son!!) Ive never heard of a problem being complained away!

    Another pet peeve that comes to mind is sheer laziness.  Not the kind that has earned me the nickname from my eldest sister of "SlugWorth!"  I am talking about the effort that it takes to achieve a goal.  I have a few friends that, because of laziness, won't pursue their dreams and change their situation that they are, you guessed it, COMPLAINING ABOUT!!! They won't make the phone calls they have to make, meet the people they need to meet, or put in the work it takes to change the path of their life.  It frustrates the living s#$t out of me when I see a person have numerous opportunities laying at their feet. Instead of taking advantage of it, they take the easy way out and, i believe intentionally, miss out.  I'm sorry.  I may be a slug when I have a day off and nothing to do.  But I refuse to be lazy when there is a chance to be successful!!  A little bit of effort goes a long way in life.  I would rather put in the work and see where the opportunity takes me than to live with regret and wonder what could have been.

    I have other pet peeves, like unshaven underarms on a female, wearing a headband to hide male patterned baldness (Lebron, anyone?), drivers who don't signal when turning (I live in the South!!), snorting while laughing, drunk dialing, drying clothes in the microwave, tight shirts displaying man boobs unnecessarily, toupees, hair in a can, strippers with the body of a 12 year old boy (Shout out to the Notorious N.A.P.!!), racist gymnasts, redneck ant farmers, ...... OK, now I'm just making stuff up!  But I don't really have a ton that ticks me off anymore.  When I get upset about something, I just think of the most ridiculous thing I can and BOOM!! Anger gone!! 18 year old me vs. 34 year old me: 2 different guys!! That's a good thing!!


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