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Monday, April 15, 2013

Samssun "Now"

By Ralo

Last week saw the release of "Now", the first video from independent artist, Samssun. "Now", which was first heard on  Off The Corners' Volume 3 Mixtape, was produced by Samssun himself, with scratches and turntableism provided by Ayce International. Lyrically Samssun branches into M.C. mode with rhymes that were artfully written and offers heaping bushels of wisdom. Opening his box of creativity, he touches on everything from The New World Order to Nikki Manaj, while showing forth his skill at combining metaphor with social relevance.

The video chronicles the movements of Samssun and Ayce as they apprehend fans of commercial rap music- Drop Squad style. Unassuming pedestrians are confronted and questioned about their taste in rap music. All of this is done in an effort to bring about balance in a world of uninspiring, under produced commercial rap. The setting is quite different from the average garden variety run of the mill rap video, and their humorous approach actually amounts to a five minute movie, as opposed to just another video.

The video was conceived and directed by Samssun, and the duty of filming and editing was handled by newcomer Jamaal Blair. "Now" is Samssuns introduction to the world. Be on the look out for his forth coming album "Community Service".


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