The Laws of Attraction

So for the past few weeks I have slowly been reading the Laws of Attraction by Jerry and Ester Hicks and their spirit guide Abraham. Now some people may say, "Why is a girl raised in the church reading a novel like that?" Well to answer that being raised in the church has taught me to get understanding. There is even a scripture on that. So I decided to investigate why we attract the things we do in life from illness to love to money. There is a whole gambit of stuff that we attract to ourselves every second of the day. The book focuses on thinking on things that we want out of life. Which is also a biblical ideology. While there are some things that definitely conflict with my beliefs, most of it fits right in. Which leads me to my little rant for the day.
I have come to realize we live in a world of doubt. We doubt ourselves continually and others doubt us as well. For instance I want to get married one day. While society says at my age that's something that should be far from my mind, I disagree. I am already a mother, I'm educated, have traveled to different countries and have spent several years living on my own. I am really good on that whole sowing your wild oats business (I have 2 kids, ill keep the rest of my oats to myself.)
Many of my friends as well as others in my peer group tend to refrain from getting in committed relationships. They turn to "hooking up" with strangers or stringing along a partner with title of "friends with benefits" (FWB). While these isolated tryst maybe fun at first, most of the time they come with complications.I personally would rather avoid that.
Anyways, with that being said the book states I should be upfront with what I want in life. Whether its love, a new job, more money, or even the newest Gucci Boston bag. That I should claim my desires no matter what anyone says and train my thoughts to believe them into existence.
This will be the way I live no matter what anyone has to say about my desires. If your not on board with me get off my bus and hitchhike to wherever you have to go...