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Monday, March 17, 2014

Club Bloggin'

By John Coston

Sometimes, I do things I just can't explain. I'm typing this blog from the inside of some club. I just saw Wolf of Wall Street and, instead of just going home, hopping in the bed and calling it a night, I went to this little spot to do a two step and clear my head a little bit. In the middle of my two step, I thought to myself "Excuse me random cougar who prefers dancing to the words instead of the beat, hop off me for a hot second while I type this blog real quick.

" Between "American Hustle" and "Wolf of Wall Street" (two of the absolute best movies I've seen in quite a long time.... AND DON'T ASK ME ABOUT 12 YEARS A SLAVE! THANK YOU), I've had an opportunity to do a little soul searching. Society tells me that my goal should be to graduate college, have a wife and kids, get a nice house and live happily ever after. Am I weird if that's not all that I want in life? Am I crazy if I say I wanna be filthy rich with the kind of revenue streams that sets my grand kids up to be comfortable? Am I weird if I say I want a lot of women and to be able to smoke, drink, and workout as I please? That last part, not so much anymore (except for the workout...and women...yep, the women....Ooh yeah the wom.. Alright I'm good).

I've been there, done that, and nothing good came out of it. But what I am trying to say is that I have never been the type that wanted what everyone tells me I should strive for. I don't want to "go somewhere and sit down" as my father has asked me to do so many times in my life. I would like the world and everything in it. I want to be an accountant/rapper/writer/public speaker/real estate agent/investor/insert new hobby here. This is just a glimpse into the way my mind works. I have always walked a fine line between being ordinary and wanting to be extraordinary.

At times, it has messed up my focus and, other times, it has increased it. I think that right now (as this young lady in the green miniskirt smiles at me with the inside of her mouth looking just like piano keys...I hope it's just the lighting in here...Sheesh), I'll just get this degree and, while the goals are still in place, see what happens. Maybe it's the club, the movie, or a combination of both that made me write this tonight. I'm about to go home because the music is trash and I feel like I could be doing something more constructive like studying, plotting my takeover, or sleeping and dreaming about being the meat in a Nia Long-Sanaa Lathan sandwich. Ok I'm out.
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