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Monday, March 10, 2014

Failure Equals Freedom

By John Coston

Whattttt?!?! Two blogs in 3 days? Yes. For the viewing public, you're welcome. I have had a lot to say lately but I haven't been able to make the time to say it. I am making the time now so enjoy while it lasts because you may not hear from me for the next 21 years.

 I can sum this blog up in two words: I've failed. Blog is done, tune in next.... just kidding. On occasion, it is good to say that I have failed at something. It doesn't mean that I am a failure. There is a difference between saying "I'm a failure," and "I've failed." When you say "I'm a failure," you are implying that you have given up hope and that you can't handle the pressure given to you. You are basically saying that you are a loser. If you feel like you're a loser, your words and actions will follow suit and you'll miss all the joy and wonders life brings.

Now one may say, "Oh soft and tender one, isn't saying you're a failure the same as saying that you've failed?" My response? First, don't call me soft and tender!!! 1000% Mandingo Warrior ova here, sunn!! (Not quite). Second, When I say that I have failed at something, it is usually followed up with an evaluation of what I did wrong and a plan focused on how I will correct the error and excel. Failing just means you took the wrong approach. Now you have the freedom and flexibility to try something new and different. It's not the time to hang your head and let the black cloud rain on you during a sunny day. It's the time to really get your mind, body, and soul moving. Step out of the comfort zone and get busy!!

The closest I ever came to thinking I was a failure was when I caught the DUI and sat in my cell, feeling sick from my buzz wearing off and dirty from wearing the state-issued blue suit I'm sure many wore before me. As the cell door closed behind me, I laid on the top bunk, wide awake, fuming at the predicament I had put myself in. I had about 2 minutes where I felt like the biggest loser on the planet. I had no one else to blame but myself. For that time, I looked at myself as a failure. But then I thought to myself "This is just a test. I made a mistake. I'm willing to make amends in anyway I can and I will do all it takes to turn this negative into a positive." That's exactly what happened.

Have I been perfect? No. But have I allowed that failure mentality to take hold of me? Not at all. I've treated it as a stepping stone to learn and gain strength from and now I'm getting closer to where I want to be. That night, I failed. That same night though, I feel like I was set free. Need some additional motivation? Again, your welcome!! Blog is done!! Have a great week


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