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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes

Illmatic. Reasonable Doubt. Ready To Die. Almost every Gang Starr and every Premo track since '92 was recorded here. But yesterday, Dj Premier announced that D&D Studios  (also known as HeadQCourterz Studios) will close its doors forever. The famous recording home will be eventually converted to one of many luxury apartments, as Premo stated in one of his recent Instagram post: #RichClownsRuinManhattan. But this won't stop the legendary producer from making timeless hits, as he plans to record at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens NY. I am sure the HeadQCourterz name will move with him. Check out his IG photos below of Premier and his final moments at D&D studios.

- GangStarr Forever!!! 

DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes
One of the last things left on the wall is a tag that Evidence of @dilatedpeoples put up when we finished the song "YOU"...Takin it wit me... January 7th is the Official Last Day...Gonna Do Some Shots....Where's Lil Jon at? #DaveAndDoug #DocumentaryFilmComin

DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes - Showbiz
Showbiz packin up. He's the one that brought me to D & D to lay scratches for Lord Finesse on a REMIX called "Return Of The Funky Man". Eddie Sancho did the mix and I never left from that day. CIRCA1992... #DaveAndDoug #premierwuzhere The Closing Of D & D Studios

DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes - Dj Premier
There used to be a speaker in that hole..The Official Closing Of D & D Recording Studios... #ReasonableDoubt #ReadyToDie #iLLMatic #Classics #premierwuzhere

DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes - Dj Premier
The definition of stripping down to the bare bones ! STUDIO B OF THE LEGENDARY D & D STUDIOS... #RichClownsRuinManhattan #24YearsOfMyLife #HomeAwayFromHome #DaveAndDoug #premierwuzhere
DJ Premier’s D&D Studios (HeadQCourterz) Closes


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