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Sunday, January 11, 2015

VISUAL CAFFEINE-Episode 44-Napolean Da Legend

Peace and bliss planet rockers!

The award winning Visual Caffeine is back! Off The Corner is proud present this monthly program that has become something of an instant classic. It presents the fascinating history of Hip-Hop culture, as well a peek inside the world of  present day underground Hip-Hop.
A new year brings some changes here at VISUAL CAFFEINE.
Our new host is John Robinson! He's been dropping science on the Hip Hop scene for 20+ years. Now we are blissed to have him bring his flavor to our show.

We also have DJ 2Fast. He's representing Newark NJ and the Universal Zulu Nation/Lost Tribes Zulus.

To kick this new format off, we have Napoleon Da Legend He gives us a dope interview and then rocks the spot with DJ Crazy Bazarro.
Special shout out to Doc Strange-Sara Ripp -Dj Bazarro -ZK Rekae- Sheba- Kev- Veranda and Lady Elix.


VISUAL CAFFEINE-episode 44-Napolean Da Legend from SEN ONE6 UZN on Vimeo.


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