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Friday, April 4, 2014

100 Greatest Old School Hip Hop Records From 1979 to 1985

100 Greatest Old School Hip Hop Records From 1979 to 1985

 Rap music has always existed as an element of Hip Hop since the culture's birth in the early 1970s. The first rappers (called MCs) would rap over funk, reggae, dub, soul, and disco beats and would hold spontaneous rhyming battles that were meant to verbally attack an opponent called "freestyles" (freestyling and flowing were words used to describe the impromptu vocal delivery). Artists that laid the template for such aggressive spoken word set to a funky beat include James Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, The Watts Prophets, and The Last Poets. 

By the spring of 1979, the first rap record surfaced with funk band The Fatback Band's "King Tim IIII (Personality Jock)". Later, The Sugar Hill Gang debuted in the summer with Hip Hop's most famous commercial record yet,"Rapper's Delight". This list targets critical Hip Hop records during the old school era (1979-roughly 1985) before the revolution of "cut-n-paste" music and Run DMC's seminal Hip Hop anthem "Walk This Way" in 1986. 

Hip Hop is first and foremost a culture with five important elements: the b-boys (break dancers), Graffiti/Aerosol artists, MCs, DJs, and the beatboxers. Knowledge and understanding and respect for Hip Hop and its roots are vital.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Smack URL Battle: Loaded Lux Vs. Calico

Hip-Hop came about amidst major cultural and political upheaval in New York City. Battling has always been a part of the culture, It was a way to earn street credibility. The whole concept of MCing has been very competitive from the very beginning. When one thinks of Classic battles- Kool Moe Dee verses Busy Bee comes to mind. Also, it's hard to think of classic battles without thinking of The Fantastic Romantic 5 verses The Cold Crush Brothers, a battle that is disputed to this day.

These days Smack URL continues the legacy of MC battles. Smack URL (Ultimate Rap League) is the UFC of MCing. Smack URL battles are a throw back to a more exciting era in Hip-Hop culture. With some attention to detail, the battles can be an eye-catching sceptical. There have already been Smack URL battles that are considered legendary classics.

The Smack URL battle Between Loaded Lux and Calico is at the top of the list of those battles that are already being considered classic. This lyrical war is the topic a many conversations. It is being talked about by folks in the underground as well as the commercial rap culture. Watch to judge who the winner is.


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