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Thursday, February 20, 2014

SNOWMAGGEDON 2014: Random Thoughts

By John Coston

I am currently trapped inside my place as #snowmaggedon2014 has done its best to cripple Georgia. Actually, GA's lack of preparation for 2 inches of snow has cripple Georgia but that is neither here nor there.

The snow has given me a chance to express a couple of thoughts that have been bubbling in my head.
1.) The past few months has shown me that I am still not mature enough to have a steady girlfriend. I have this thing in my head that either a) I want to get to know a woman completely to the point of hitting the "Friend Zone" (OHHHH I'll be blogging on that very soon) or b.) I just want her body and that's it. Don't get to know me. Get to know the knob hittin ya where the good lord split ya! Hehe!! Not really. But, for the time being, I will just stay improving my studies and my work. One day, I,ll be ready to settle down and settle in for the right woman. But now is just not the time.

 2.) I'm back to being me. It took a little while (with some ridiculous incidents along the way. It's me so its expected). But I'm back to normal. I'm back working out on the regular (after taking an exxxxxxxtended vacation from eating right and exercising), and I recently got back on my "pretty boy swag." That doesn't even sound right....or manly.....or like anything a grown a$$ man would say. I went shopping so I am good.

3.) I am going to start blogging every week like before because it is therapeutic and helps me get rid of any doubts floating through my head. For some strange reason, it also helps me focus more on my classes. Maybe shedding all of the dead weight my mind holds helps me focus a little more. Maybe blogging puts me in the mind state or reading and writing on a consistent basis. Maybe if Tebow could throw a spiral, he would still be in the NFL. Maybe if Sanchez focused on studying the QB position instead of the butts of young women and grown men, he'd still be the Jets Starting QB. get the point.

4.) I had a recent flashback to my wild days and had a few drinks and went to a club. I was trying to see if I could get that swagger back. I realize that part of my life is in the past for a reason. I was offered a phone number and a midnight rendezvous.....from a woman over the age of 60. I had to decline out of fear that I would be the one catching a heart attack, not her (and she looked like she would put it on me from the window to the wall)!!! No more drinks and clubbing for the next 20 years. Sheesh!!!

Ok, I am good for right now. I am going back to work after being snowed in for a few days. I'm ready to get this 4.0 GPA and ready to start a whole new round of blogs for you. As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, text, FB or Twitter to get in touch with me. Until next time........


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