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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Stage 5 Clinger

As a women in her mid-twenties, dating can get very tricky. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who is truly interested in having a future with you, from the one trying to get between you and your 7 For All Mankinds.
There is one guy out there whose intentions will never be misinterpreted. He finds you beautiful, sexy, intelligent and ambitious. In his eyes you can barely do any wrong and he will wife you In a heartbeat. He will do anything for you at moments notice. He will trim the hedges, cook dinner, and give you a foot massage. He will shower you with compliments and gifts.
While many of you are reading this and thinking I want one just like that. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! He is not what you think. He is what is known as the Stage 5 Clinger or what Beyonce affectionately calls him the Bug-A-boo!
This man will hunt you for years. Waiting for the moment when a man or multiple men break your heart. He will like every picture on your Facebook and Instagram. He follows you on every social medium and may even show up to the bar you tagged you and your friends at. He will text you several times a month even if you constantly ignore him or give him one word responses with hours of space in between.
He knows all of your ex's by name and license plate. If he see's your husband, boyfriend, ex, or baby's daddy out at the club, he will alert you immediately. He will tell you everything down to the color of fake Red Bottoms the girl was wearing that was grinding all over him.
He lurks in the corners waiting for you to air your unhappiness on Facebook so he can swoop in like Captain Save'Em.
But women hold your ground, it is much better to ignore this type of man then to cave in. Heaven forbid you have sex with him. He will never stop calling.
I recently into the trap! I let a guy who has been trying to date me since I was 20, take me out on 3 separate occasions. My loneliness got the best of me. He wooed me with his kind words and promises. All the while I knew I did not want to have a single intimate moment with this man everything about him irritated me when we were together. I did not like his views on life. His voice annoyed me and he had a sort of fishy smell. The though of kissing him made me gag. I did and indeed I gagged! He would call when I was asleep 3x in a row and if I did wake up and answer, he demanded I stay up and talk to him! No way Jose (not his name) I need my beauty sleep!
I tried to get past it but just could not. Our very last date was a disaster. That night I politely told him I was only interested in friendship. For twenty-four hours he argued with me back and forth about how I should give him a chance. I just could not. No matter how polite I was about it he would not take no for answer. At the end he basically told me he was doing me a favor by dating me. I finally gave him an earful. The end result being lose my number. About three days later he text me some information on law schools (which I already knew). I did not respond but it clearly showed me he did not respect my wishes!
While this is one of my many stories of Stage 5 clingers.. Heed my advice and don't walk... RUN!
Please share your Stories men and women. Until tomorrow for more Sam's Law Love and War!!


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