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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EMC Turning Point

By Ralo

Emc is the definition of a super group. Those of a certain Hip-Hop bent will be familiar with the legendary Master Ace. This exemplary Brooklyn MC has a track record that dates back to the 80s, he has completed 8 albums to date including one that features Bostons' finest Edo G.

He teamed with Wordsworth, Punch Line, And Strickland in 2009 and released The Show on M3 Records. Now, after a 5 year wait, EMC is back with a new EP "Turning Point" on Penalty Entertainment.

When questioned about the name of the EP Master Ace explains "We got a new deal with Penalty and I felt like this could be a turning point in our careers." Turing Point features production from 14Kt, DJ Science, Quincy Tones and others. 90s artist and producer 8off The Assassin is featured on the lead single Charlie Murphy.

The first leaked track, Spun A Web didn't make the EP because of sample clearance issues. They said it was put out anyway for all of the EMC fans.

Turning Point is a set up for a full-length album in the fall, which is already on the process of being recorded. All of the members of EMC are working on solo projects. "We like to release solo albums close together, it allows us to tour together, says Wordsworth of the group member individual endeavors.

They will be on tour in Europe soon. Until then, the new EP is officially available today.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

WordsWorth "Mirror, Mirror"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lyrical beast Wordsworth will be calling in to discuss his new projects, and the state of hip 'pop', so check us out Thurs 8pm est on OffTheCorner Radio on


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