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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NYPD WATCH: NYPD auxiliary officer charged in hacking scheme

via Content Keyword RSS An NYPD auxiliary police officer has been charged in a computer hacking scheme at his Brooklyn precinct.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NYPD WATCH: NYPD Auxiliary Inspector Accused Of Hacking Into Department System

via Content Keyword RSS An inspector in the NYPD Volunteer Auxiliary has been suspended after being charged with computer hacking, and illegally running checks on more than 6,000 license plates.

NYPD WATCH: Auxiliary NYPD cop arrested for hacking agency databases

via Content Keyword RSS A veteran NYPD auxiliary cop was arrested Tuesday morning after he hacked into law-enforcement databases so he could steal personal information from car-accident victims to drum up legal business, Brooklyn...

NYPD WATCH: NYPD cops no longer forced to retire because of hearing aids

via Content Keyword RSS dis

NYPD WATCH: NYPD Auxiliary Officer Arrested For Computer Hacking, Fraud Targeting Traffic Accident Victims

via Content Keyword RSS An auxiliary officer in the New York Police Department was arrested Tuesday for allegedly hacking into an NYPD computer and law enforcement databases to retrieve personal information about victims of traffic accidents. He would then pretended to be an attorney offering services to clients, the criminal complaint against him alleged.

NYPD WATCH: NYPD sergeant cleared of ticket-fixing charges

via Content Keyword RSS A Bronx jury cleared an NYPD cop of all charges against him in the massive years-long probe into ticket-fixing. Sgt. Jacob Solorzano, 44, was found not guilty of official misconduct....

NYPD WATCH: Exclusive: A Look Inside the NYPD's Retraining

via Content Keyword RSS How the nation's largest police force is being re-imagined.

NYPD WATCH: ‘I’ll kill a cop': Teen who attacked off-duty NYPD officers

via Content Keyword RSS A pack of rowdy teens attacked an off-duty NYPD detective who asked them to stop jumping on cars outside his house – with one 17-year-old threatening, “I’ll kill a cop....

NYPD WATCH: NYPD Scrubbed Wikipedia Entries on Police Brutality and No One Cared

via Content Keyword RSS Last week, we found out that someone at New York Police Department headquarters was manipulating Wikipedia articles on police violence to make themselves look better. The NYPD has identified two officers behind the police-friendly entries—and is doing shit-all about these on-the-clock edits. Read more...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

'I Can't Breathe' - 100 Broadway Stars Eric Garner Protest, NYC

'I Can't Breathe' - The Eric Garner Protest on Broadway, NYC

Over 100 Broadway stars, directors, producers, musicians, choreographers, designers and technicians from some of the most prominent productions gathered in front of the police station in Times Square on Tuesday. They wanted to send a message about police violence and the killing of Eric Garner. ‪#‎itstopstoday‬‪ #‎blukluxklan‬

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Monday, August 12, 2013


In a stinging rebuke to the Bloomberg administration, a federal judge ruled on Monday that the New York City Police's "stop and frisk" crime-fighting tactics violate the constitutional rights of minorities, despite claims by the mayor and police commissioner that it has driven down rates of violent crime. U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that the police adopted a policy of "indirect racial profiling" by targeting racially defined groups for stops, resulting in the disproportionate, discriminatory stopping of tens of thousands of blacks and Hispanics, and that the city's highest officials "turned a blind eye" toward this result, she said. "No one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life," Scheindlin wrote in her opinion. Police personnel felt or were aware of pressure to increase the number of stops when Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office in 2002 and brought in Raymond Kelly to be NYPD Commissioner, the judge wrote. As a result, officers often frisked young minority men for weapons or searched their pockets for contraband before letting them go, in a violation of the Constitution's Fourth Amendment that protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, the judge said in a 195-page decision. read the rest of this story HERE. source :

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Abolish Stop And Frisk

By Damion Boycott

The most important news story in New York City for nearly a month is being completely ignored by the mainstream media and the corporate owned press. The trial of Lloyd Vs. New York City is putting police racial profiling under a microscope, and could very well bring an end to the police practice of Stop And Frisk. For the last three weeks the trial in Federal Court has been challenging The New York City Police Departments Stop And Frisk policy. The trial is beginning to expose why Stop And Frisk is even in practice. 

Testimony from State Senator and former NYPD officer, Eric Adams revealed that the NYPDs' intent is to racially profile and target Blacks and Latinos. Adams testified that he spoke out against the NYPD keeping a database of everyone that was stopped and frisked in 2010. He exposed the fact that police commissioner Ray Kellys' officers stopped and frisked young Blacks and Latinos to set a tone. It is obviously a show of force to instill fear in everyone they stop and harass and unlawfully frisk.

“I heard him on two different occasions indicate that we’re using this policy to instill fear into African-American and Hispanic youth, so each time they leave their home, they feel as though they can be stopped by the police,” Adams said. “I was amazed. I told him that was illegal.”

At a press conference Ray Kelly denied making the statements and considered them "ludicrous".“I think this was an attempt to get me to testify—make an outrageous statement that I would have to get to court to defend. Well, I’m defending it now,” Kelly said.

Also taking the stand was Lt. Fernando Guimares, the supervisor of the officers who stopped David Floyd, one of the plaintiffs. He admitted that his review of officers’ stops was limited to checking to see if the UF 250 form was properly filled out.

More witnesses testified about being stopped by the NYPD, including Kristianna Acevedo and Clive Lino. Acevedo testified that he was stopped by two officers in an unmarked van while Lino said he was stopped in the lobby of his apartment building. During the stop, the officer’s cell phone rang with a 50 Cent ringtone. The officer remarked, “Here’s a little rap for you. It should calm you down.”
This week, attorneys also played the taped secret recordings of Adrian Schoolcraft, a police officer who taped hundreds of hours of precinct roll calls in Brooklyn while he worked on the force.

The tapes—which were later given to the media—reveal that officers were pressured to make stop-and-frisk quotas, which the NYPD denies.

The average Blacks and Latinos need to understand that the police need their consent in order to search their pockets. Anyone being stopped and harassed by police can simply say "I do not consent to a search". If they search you at that point it is officially and Illegal Search and Unreasonable Search and Seizure. Always try to make an attempt to remember at least one of the patrol mans badge numbers- so that a complaint can be filed with The Civilian Complaint Review Board. Also, always try to record the incident with cell phones, video cameras and other devices.

In America progressive ideas always win out in the end. If enough pressure is put on the NYPD and police commissioner Ray Kelly, stop and frisk could very well be abolished.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FEDS & NYPD Fearing their Politics Violently Raid & Evict Rebel Diaz Artistic Collective

Rebel Diaz Troy DavisUpon hearing about the Feds and NYPD coming down and violently evicting Rebel Diaz and the Artist Collective from an abandoned space in the South Bronx, that they painfully transformed into a first class community center is beyond angering. It’s beyond frustrating..These folks did everything we say we want the ‘youth’ in our community to do.. They did everything we say Hip Hop is supposed to represent.. They didn’t wait around for a savior, Rebel Diaz saved themselves.. They brought the community in who also saved themselves.
The RDACBX is a space in which damn near everyone in that South Bronx neighborhood where it’s located can lay claim that they had hand in helping build it.. I recall Rodstarz explaining how folks who were homeless, but had various trade skillz, were inspired to clean themselves up and proudly put in work. Local youth who were being attracted to the lure of the streets, flipped their lives around and partook in the various workshops and programs put on by Rebel Diaz.. many of those youth eventually became part of the collective and put on workshops themselves..
Instead of waiting around to be invited to yet another showcase or music convention that left them dissatisfied, RDACBX put on their own landmark convention South By South Bronx and invited the pioneers of Hip Hop to speak. The RDACBX is where they had former members of the Young Lords, Black Liberation Army and political prisoners speak to standing room only audiences about Black Brown unity… This space was home to countless book readings, movie screenings and epic showcases.
read the rest of this story here > DAVEY D'S HIP HOP CORNER

                      Below is the letter that was written by Rebel Diaz on the RDACBX'S website:


Gonzalo “G1” Venegas
Rodrigo “RodStarz” Venegas 

South Bronx community center Rebel Diaz Arts Collective (RDACBX) shut down by Federal marshals and NYPD.  Rally to be held denouncing lockout and forced eviction.

March 1, 2013- After a violent daytime raid yesterday, Thursday, February 28, 2013, on the warehouse turned arts space at 478 Austin Place in the Bronx, members of Hip-Hop community center RDACBX are denouncing their forced eviction at a rally to be held at 6pm today in front of their locked out building.

The building landowner, local commercial developer Marc Pagostin of Austin Property Corp., had for months stalled negotiations on a new agreement with the RDACBX after the group’s original lease expired this past November. Despite diverse support for RDACBX from local politicians, churches, and community organizations in the area, Austin Property Corp. eventually refused to renew the lease, citing concerns about the group’s political murals, and prompting the surprise eviction yesterday.

“The violent actions taken yesterday are an attack on young people, artists, and Hip Hop culture,” says RDACBX co-founder RodStarz. “In a time where budget cuts, stop and frisk, and gentrification are affecting our communities, it’s a shame we are being treated like criminals. There is no justification for this eviction.”

Karen Louviere, 19, a past participant in RDACBX youth programs, expressed her disappointment at the violent shutdown of the space. “They came in with armed officers into what is supposed to be a safe space for the community. A space that has served as an alternative for young people in the area, helping develop their talents in a positive way.”

The internationally renowned RDACBX, host to weekly cultural performances and educational workshops, had recently announced plans for the creation of the Richie Perez Radical Library, as well as the continuation of their widely recognized Boogie Mics open mic series, and the SxSBX Hip-Hop Festival.

 “Despite the violent removal of RDACBX from its space, RDACBX will continue to work on its development, as it strives to be a resource for the community. There is a need for this organization to exist in The South Bronx,” says Claudia De La Cruz, a member of the collective.

Monday, September 10, 2012

NYPD Officers Sued for Punching Bronx Teen Repeatedly on Secret Camera

Luis Solivan, a 19-year-old from the Bronx, was walking home from the store last fall when an NYPD cruiser pulled a quick U-turn in his direction. He says he "got paranoid," the New York Times reports, and what happened next might help explain why: Solivan, who was unarmed, ran toward his mother's apartment, where two police officers proceeded to punch him in the face multiple times in what a new lawsuit against the department calls a "brutal and sadistic" beating. The officers charged Solivan with resisting arrest, but a grand jury decided not to indict him based in part on video of the incident captured by a neighbor through the window.

"They just started grabbing me, started hitting me," said Solivan, who, according to the police report, punched the cops and tried to grab for one officer's gun. "I was not resisting arrest." His lawyer, Ilann Maazel, explained that, without the grainy, disturbing video, Solivan likely would have been indicted. "What it shows is shocking," Maazel said. "It revealed that the police did not tell the truth and they wanted to put an innocent man in jail, potentially for many years." (Solivan was on probation for attempted murder as a youthful offender.)

According to the lawsuit Solivan filed today in Manhattan Federal District Court, the police then took him out to the hallway before using pepper spray and slamming his head into the wall, this time off-camera. The officers named in the suit are Thomas Dekoker and Brian R. O'Keeffe. Dekoker, the Times notes, was also found this summer to have used excessive force in another Bronx incident from 2008, with a jury rewarding the victim $500,000.

Monday, July 9, 2012



HARLEM — The NYPD has created a "wanted" poster for a Harlem couple who film cops conducting stop-and-frisks and post the videos on YouTube — branding them "professional agitators" who portray cops in a bad light and listing their home address, New York has learned.
The flyer featured side-by-side mugshots of Matthew Swaye, 35, and his partner Christina Gonzalez, 25, and warned officers to be on guard against them.  It was spotted by multiple people, including the couple, when it was taped to a podium outside a public hearing room in the 30th Precinct house last Thursday, where residents met for precinct council meeting.
"Be aware that above subjects are known professional agitators," read the flyer, which bears the NYPD shield and a seal of the NYPD's Intelligence Division. It also gave the home address of the couple.
"Above subjects MO is that they video tape officers performing routine stops and post on YouTube," the sign said. "Subjects purpose is to portray officers in a negative way and too deter officers from conducting there [sic] responsibilities."
The flyer also listed the name and cellphone number of a Sgt. Nicholson in the 30th Precinct, and implored cops to "not feed into above subjects propaganda." 
Nicholson did not respond to a request for comment. The NYPD also did not respond to repeated requests.
A person who was at the meeting, but asked not to be named, said the flyer looked like a "wanted poster."
"I thought: 'Why isn't anyone arresting them?'" the individual said. "When you see something like that, you think there's a reward out for the person on the flyer."
Gonzalez, who was stunned to see her and her partner's face on the poster, quickly shot a video of the poster and uploaded it to YouTube.
"Someone is going to look at that and see my face on what looks like a wanted poster," said Gonzalez. "Anyone who doesn't know about our videos and know us will look at those mugshots, read about us being so-called agitators who interfere with police activity, and see criminals."
Swaye said he spoke out about the flyer at the council meeting, but got no response from police.
"I stood up immediately and quietly said my face is on this," he said. "I tried to validate myself; talked about my degrees."
Swaye said he also reached out to the sergeant and offered to cook dinner for the precinct so they could discuss the police tactics. Nicholson declined, he said.
He called the precinct the following day and was told the flyer had been taken down, he said.
"I have nothing to hide, but for the officers to know where I live is scary. I feel scared to bring people over here now," said Gonzalez.
The couple have filmed officers stopping and frisking and arresting young people of color in Harlem and around city, which they post on Gonzalez's YouTube account, according to Swaye. They said their actions are legal.
"There have been times when it's gotten combative. There have been times when they [police officers] have videoed Christina," said Swaye. "But if we were breaking the law they would have arrested us."
The couple has been arrested several times for civil disobedience within the past year, according to court documents. Swaye was part of a group of advocates including Cornel West who were detained at the 28th Precinct in Harlem in October protesting the stop-and-frisk policy.

Read more: DNAINFO.COM

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NYPD Racial Profiling Exposed

By Damion Boycott

Racial profiling in the state of New Jersey has existed since, at least, 1989. New Jersey has had a systemic policy of Police Racial Profiling of African Americans and Latinos. Cars driven by Blacks and Latinos have been more inclined to be stopped and searched by New Jersey police. Data shows that Blacks and Latinos make up 13% of New Jersey state motorists. However, Blacks and Latinos make up more than 80% of motorists stopped by State Troopers. it's evident that a Police policy of racial profiling exists in New Jersey as well as New York. Official records show that even Police training manuals encourage racial profiling. Unfair Police racial profiling is part of the fabric of the culture of Policing.

The NYPD is facing criticism for it's secret surveillance of Muslims in the entire New York Tri-State area. The NYPD surveillance was exposed in articles published by The Associated Press. The Associated Presses' investigative journalism uncovered the fact that The NYPD has monitored Muslim Mosques in New York City and infiltrated Muslim student organizations at Universities in upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All of this was done in the name of fighting terrorism, however it is a clear case of racial profiling.

Based on recent history, we know that The NYPD doesn't need an excuse to racially profile African Americans. Based on history from the early 19th century, the ruling class in America never needed an excuse to discriminate against African people. Right after The Civil War laws known as The Black Codes were enacted to limit the human rights of African people, and control the activities of these newly freed former slaves.

Today another group of non-whites, Arab Muslims, are having their human rights violated. Since September 11th, 2001 Muslims in America have become the latest target of racial profiling as a method of combating terrorism. How many Americans die annually as a result of terrorism? In the average year the number is zero. Therefore terrorism is not a real threat. However, since at least 2007, The NYPD has found it necessary to investigate Muslims in the entire north eastern part of the country. This surveillance and infiltration lead to a secret report which profiled Muslim institutions like Mosques, Muslim schools as well as Muslim owned businesses. This NYPDs' surveillance of Muslims was undertaken despite the fact that there was no evidence of any terror plotting or terror activity in the north east.

One of the most significant parts of the story dates back to August of 2011, when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg denied that the NYPD launched an investigation based on race and religion- where no crime was committed. Mayor Bloomberg said "we don't stop to think about the religion, we stop to think about the threat". Under questioning from The City Council, The New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly made similar remarks. Their is plenty of proof that shows that The NYPD focused on religion and ethnicity which amounts to profiling.

Islam has become the enemy in America. This should be a hint to The Nation Of Gods And Earths and The Moorish Science Community who both use the term Islam to refer to their "culture". It is completely unnecessary for either of these two groups to name their culture Islam. They should pattern their culture after the tradition of original people. There are even some members of The Nation Of Gods Earths that have gone so far as to legally change their names to Islamic names. This could be problematic in a country that now frowns on anything that remotely sounds affiliated to the religion of Islam. At some point the Nation Of Gods And Earths and The Moors could very well be considered terrorist organizations

Racial profiling puts entire communities under siege. It seems racial profiling is always condoned when people of color are being profiled. When Timothy McVeigh blew up a Federal building in Oklahoma in 1995, no one suggested that white males with Irish last names and military backgrounds be profiled. All of the High School shootings across the nation have be carried out by white males. Most serial killers have been white males. Anytime an American president was shot or assassinated, it was at the hands of white men. The idea of racially profiling white men is never considered. However, when it comes to people of color racial profiling is always the order of the day.


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