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Friday, March 28, 2014

Meeting Rakim At SOB's; Was Rakim the Dj scratching on the Album Paid In Full?

Rakim at SOBs-OffTheCorner_net
        Shout out to my Homie Danny Vega for the pic
In a every person's lifetime we get to witness greatness. We get to witness an Emcee who has that special niche about them. Someone who is far ahead of our time that when you listen to their lyrics 28 years later, the feeling you get brings you back to the time they first blew you away. For me that emcee was and is none other than the God MC, Rakim. His contribution to Hip Hop culture is cemented in legacy as one of the best if not the best Emcee ever. I got to witness greatness last night at SOB's in NYC. First off I'd like to point out that the night did not start off good for me, because as a dj you are supposed to know your crowd, and of course the crowd in attendance had to be at least 80% of 30 and older. The ones that were around when Rakim slammed the mic down to make sure it's broke. So to have the house dj playing songs from Lil Wayne, Drake, and some other rap radio commercial trap laced music was down right disrespectful if you ask me. This dj should have been dropping gems from A Tribe Called Quest, to Run DMC, to Sugarhill Gang and kept it in the era of what the crowd would have been going crazy for. I had to get that blast out because not only do we hear this music 24/7 on these so called NY Hip Hop radio stations, but to play it in front of the crowd waiting to see Rakim was ridiculous.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


While i said i wouldn't talk about his death, i must share with the fans the eulogy given by DMC at Jam Master Jay's funeral that was held Nov 5th, 2002:

Let's use Jay's passing away as a symbol of a brand new awareness. Each and every one of us, let's try to work toward the goal that Jay was working toward: peace for everybody. Jam Master Jay was not a thug. Jam Master Jay was not a gangster. Jam Master Jay was a unique individual. He was created from the innermost thoughts of God, the deepest thoughts that make history. He came from a class, a special class of humankind, and he represented a most interesting culture.

Plain and simple, Jam Master Jay was a B-boy. He was the personification, the embodiment of hip-hop. He had love for the strong, he had love for the weak. He treated all people alike and to him no man was better than the next man. Jam Master Jay hung out with the homies and he also hung out with the nerds. He did everything a so-called hip-hopper was supposed to do: he loved our music.


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