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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day!

Mother's Day is such a painful holiday for me. I am sure it is for a lot of single mothers. This is the day of the year I realize most how alone I am in raising children.

I know it's a day women are supposed to be celebrated for all the sacrifices they made. We sacrificed our bodies to become mothers, whether we wanted to have a baby or not. I was 15 when I made that sacrifice the first time. I chose to skip planned parenthood and lie in the bed that I made for myself. I made that decision again at 23. The second time not only did I sacrifice my body, I sacrificed my dreams. I knew that having another child and graduating college would be difficult and law school seemed no longer in reach. Choosing to be a single mom you give up so much. Your freedom, your heart, having a complete family one day.

People like to tell me well there is still hope for you Sam. You only have two kids, you have a degree, your smart, and beautiful. Someone is definitely going go snatch you up, you might have to lower your standards though. That's what got me in the situation I am in now, lowering my standards. My standards were so low that the men I have children with, do not even call or text me happy Mother's Day.

The first moved to Arizona while our child was young and recently had another child. The other just likes chasing women so much he has convinced himself our son does not need his mother just him. He will find a replacement and hopefully cut me out.

It is what it is though! I do want to wish the mothers out there who feel lost and unappreciated a happy Mother's Day! I see your value even if no one else does. To the mothers who are loved and revered by their partners and family God bless you and I pray he continues to show you favor. That's all for now.... Remember all isn't fair in love and war.


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